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Navajo Police: Class 57

Navajo Police: Class 57 is a three-part docuseries that follows a group of recruits as they fight their way through the Navajo Police Training Academy and out into the field. There, they must contend with rising crime and centuries of neglect to hold their community together. The pressure is fierce and the stakes are high, as the survival of the Navajo Nation depends in part on the success of this academy. HBO Documentary Films presents a Concordia Studio production. Directors, Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski, and David Nordstrom; executive producers, Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski, Blackhorse Lowe, David Nordstrom, Myles Estey, Nicole Stott, Jonathan Silberberg, Davis Guggenheim, and Laurene Powell Jobs. For HBO: executive producers, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Tina Nguyen.


Directors: Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jabslonski, David Nordstrom
Editor: Rejh Cabrera
Executive Producers: Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jabslonski, David Nordstrom, Blackhorse Lowe, Davis Guggenheim, Nicole Stott, Myles Estey, Jonathan Silberberg, Laurene Powell Jobs, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, Tina Nguyen
Producers: Mark Cummins, Priscilla Naunġaġiaq Hensley, Arielle Kilker
Cinematographers: Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski, Leroy Grafe, Shaandiin Tome
Music by Tyler Strickland


Stream on MAX on Oct 17, 2023

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